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Cherry Hills Estates History



Cherry Hills Estates is nestled in the rolling farm lands approximately 15 miles east of Saskatoon.  This is a unique site, as it is located on prime prairie that has been used for generations for cattle grazing.  The site's natural beauty is enhanced by many groupings of native trees and shrubs such as aspen, choke cherries and Saskatoon berries. Springtime brings the beautiful purple crocus blossoms and wild strawberries.

The site is located one mile north of Highway #5 on Cherry Hill Road. The Cherry Hill Road name has recently been approved by the municipality and is one mile east of the major grid road to Aberdeen and has a land location of the West 1/2 of 8-37-2-W3.

The land is virgin prairie and has never been broken. Originally section 8 in every township was granted to the Hudson Bay Company and was subsequently purchased by Lucien Martin in the 1930's. The Martin family has raised cattle on this land ever since. A few years ago the Martin family farm was incorporated as Flying M. Farms Ltd. The land to the east and north is also owned by the Flying M. Farms, and the land located to the south is owned by Sopatyk Seed Farms Ltd. and to the west by Jeanne and Don Boyenko & Arejay Wudrick.

Two of the lots, one in Phase 1 and one in Phase 4 have wells that have served the farm well for many years. Gravel quarries approximately 1 mile to the North West also have had large quantities of water in their quarry. Although there is no way of guaranteeing sub surface water, it appears that wells will be a viable alternative within this development.